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23818ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2023/34medical equipment1Published2023-06-19 11:00:00
23816ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2023/32medical equipment7Published2023-06-13 12:00:00
23815ԿՄՀՔ-էԱճԱՊՁԲ-23/42An invitation to purchase beef for the needs of community non-commercial organizations in Hrazdan.1Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23814ՀԱԷԿ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-89/23window blind2Published2023-06-12 14:00:00
23813ՀՀՏԿԵՆՋԿ-Մ- ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/14Purchase of computer equipment under the electronic auction procedure for the needs of CJSC "Melioration" under the code ՀՀՏԿԵՆՋԿ-Մ- ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/142Published2023-06-12 15:30:00
23812ԿՄՆՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/5Purchase of a water pump for the needs of the Nairi community1Published2023-06-19 11:00:00
23809ԵԱ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/30Announcement and invitation of procedures with code ԵԱ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/30 for the needs of CJSC "YEREVAN BUS1Published2023-06-16 15:00:00
23808ՀՀՏԿԵՆՋԿ-Ջ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/38Purchase of autoswitches and switch-disconnectors for the needs of Jrar CJSC under the electronic auction procedure under the code HHTKENJK-J-EACAPDzB-23/383Published2023-06-12 14:00:00
23807ԵԱ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/29Announcement and invitation of procedures with code ԵԱ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/29 for the needs of CJSC "YEREVAN BUS"3Published2023-06-12 14:00:00
23805ՀՀՏԿԵՆՋԿ-Մ- ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/13Purchase of office supplies under the electronic auction procedure for the needs of CJSC "Melioration" under the code ՀՀՏԿԵՆՋԿ-Մ- ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/1331Published2023-06-12 11:30:00
23804ՀՌՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/22Benzin reguliar1Published2023-06-12 12:30:00
23803ԵՊՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/64Acquisition of household appliances for YSU needs15Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23802ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2023/33МЕДИЦИНСКОЕ ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ45Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23801ՎԱՔՏ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/19Purchase of cartridges for the needs of the Urban Development, Technical and Fire Safety Inspectorate1Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23800ԵԱ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/31Announcement and invitation of procedures with code ԵԱ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/31 for the needs of CJSC "YEREVAN BUS"1Published2023-06-12 16:00:00
23798ՀՀ ՀԿԿ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-ՏՁՍ-23/21Acquisition of film cameras for the needs of the RA Anti-Corruption Committee1Published2023-06-12 10:00:00
23797ՎԱԲՏ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/31The contracting authority Office of the Prime Minister of the Republiq af Armenia gives notice for a price quotation for supply of stationery and office supplies the Code of ՎԱԲՏ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/317Published2023-06-12 10:00:00
23796ՀՀ ՖՆ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/4protective measures6Published2023-06-12 16:00:00
23795ԵԱՍՄ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/26Announcement about the procedure that is declared under the code of ԵԱՍՄ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/26 for the purchase of the needs of Community Agency Waste removal and sanitary cleaning of Yerevan4Published2023-06-12 12:30:00
23794ՀՀ ԼՄՏՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/72Gasoline generator1Published2023-06-12 14:00:00
23792ԱԲՀ-ԷԱՃԾՁԲ-23/20Sterilization services for stray animals1Published2023-06-12 14:35:00
23791ՀՀԿԸՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2023/04Purchase of regular gasoline for the needs of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Armenia1Published2023-06-12 09:00:00
23790ՇՊՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/4Acquisition of construction products1Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23789ԳՄԳՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/06Procurement of goods for the needs of the provincial municipality3Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23788ԿԲՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/03Purchase of pipes and parts for the needs of the Charitable Foundation of Kapan6Published2023-06-12 10:00:00
23787ՀՀ ԼՄՎՀ ԷԱՃԱՇՁԲ-23/46Works on making small metal trash cans in Vanadzor community1Published2023-06-12 12:00:00
23786ՀՀ ԱՄ ԹՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/65Acquisition of pipes for the needs of the Talin community15Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23784ՀՀՏՄՆՀՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/08Acquisition of liquefied gas for the needs of the Noyemberyan municipality1Published2023-06-12 15:00:00
23783ՀՀ ՆԳՆ Ո ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-ՑՈՒՑԱՆԱԿ/2023/Հ-55For the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs police of the Republic of Armenia, the purchase of goods under the code ՀՀ ՆԳՆ Ո ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-ՑՈՒՑԱՆԱԿ/2023/Հ-553Published2023-06-12 11:00:00
23780ԵՔ-ԷԱՃԾՁԲ-23/89system software1Published2023-06-13 09:00:00
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