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25100ՀՀ ԼՄՍՀ-ԷԱՃ-ԱՊՁԲ-23/26ANNOUNCEMENT1Published2023-10-05 12:00:00
25099ՀՀ ԼՄՍՀ-ԷԱՃ-ԱՊՁԲ-23/25ANNOUNCEMENT7Published2023-10-05 11:00:00
25098ՀԿԱԾ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/66Electronic auction for the purchase of household goods under the code code ՀԿԱԾ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/66 for the needs of HKAC2Published2023-10-03 10:00:00
25097ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2024/1/2Drugs5Published2023-10-10 11:00:00
25096ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2024/1/1Drugs5Published2023-10-05 12:00:00
25095ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2024/1Drugs15Published2023-10-06 11:00:00
25094ՀՀԿԳՄՍՆԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/80furniture5Published2023-10-03 12:30:00
25093ՎԱՇՎՏՄ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-24/5Procurement of computer equipment for the needs of the market surveillance inspection body6Published2023-10-03 10:00:00
25092ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2024/1/3Drugs3Published2023-10-04 14:00:00
25091ԳԿ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/41Announcement and invitation of the procedure with the code ԳԿ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/41 for the needs of the Higher Education and Science Committee1Published2023-10-03 10:30:00
25090ՀՀ ԼՄՍՀ-ԷԱՃ-ԱՊՁԲ-23/24ANNOUNCEMENT2Published2023-10-03 11:00:00
25089ՀՀ ՎԿ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2023/14Аnnouncement of the procedure organized for acquisition of Computer and copy Support Materials for the Needs of the Statistical Committee1Published2023-10-03 11:00:00
25088ՀՀ ԱԺ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/46Purchase of household goods for the needs of the National Assembly for 202313Published2023-10-03 10:00:00
25087ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԾՁԲ-2023/44Services1Published2023-10-03 11:00:00
25086ՀՀ ԱՄ ԹՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/115Purchase of tableware for the needs of Talin community hall of Aragatsotn marz and for the needs of households in Talin community33Published2023-10-02 15:40:00
25085ԱԱԳԼ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/57Announcement about the procedure that is declared under the code of ԱԱԳԼ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/57 for the purchase2Published2023-10-02 15:30:00
25084ԱԱԳԼ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/56Announcement about the procedure that is declared under the code of ԱԱԳԼ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/56 for the purchase2Published2023-10-02 15:15:00
25083ՀՀԱՄԱՔ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/4ANNOUNCEMENT4Published2023-10-02 15:00:00
25082ԱԱԳԼ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/55Announcement about the procedure that is declared under the code of ԱԱԳԼ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/55 for the purchase3Published2023-10-02 15:00:00
25081ՀՀԿԳՄՍՆԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/78goods / archive shelves /2Published2023-10-02 14:15:00
25080ԿԿ-ԷԱՃԱՇՁԲ-24/01Purchase of printing works of other printing products for the needs of the Cadastre committee1Published2023-10-02 12:00:00
25079ՎԱԲՏ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-24/13The contracting authority Office of the Prime Minister of the Republiq af Armenia gives notice for a price quotation for public telephones and batteries the Code of ՎԱԲՏ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-24/132Published2023-10-03 10:00:00
25078ՎԱՔՏ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-24/6Procurement of regular type of petrol for the needs of the Urban Development, Technical and Fire Safety Inspectorate1Published2023-10-02 11:00:00
25077ՀՀՏԿԵՆՋԿ-Մ- ԷԱՃԾՁԲ-23/22Purchase of accounting services under the electronic auction procedure for the needs of CJSC "Melioration" under the code ՀՀՏԿԵՆՋԿ-Մ- ԷԱՃԾՁԲ-23/221Published2023-10-02 09:30:00
25076ՀՀ ԼՄՍՀ-ԷԱՃ-ԱՊՁԲ-23/23ANNOUNCEMENT6Published2023-10-02 11:00:00
25074ՀՀ ԱՆ ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-2023/44medical equipment61Published2023-10-05 11:00:00
25073ԵՊՀ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/90Acquisition of economic goods for the needs of the YSU Foundation30Published2023-10-03 11:00:00
25072ՎՊՀ էԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/53books44Published2023-10-02 10:00:00
25071ՀՀ ԱԱԾ-ՏՆՏՎ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-23/1-ՏՆՏ4Purchase of Household goods and building materials for the needs of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia11Published2023-10-02 11:45:00
25070ՎԱՔՏ-ԷԱՃԱՊՁԲ-24/5Purchase of household and sanitary-hygienic goods for the needs of the Inspection Body of Urban Planning, technical and Fire Safety10Published2023-10-02 11:00:00
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